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IEW Photo Contest!

International Education Week 2020 Photo Contest!
All photos will be posted and voting will begin Monday Nov. 16th. The deadline for photo submission is Friday November 13th. Winners will be announced Friday Nov. 20th at our Virtual Open Mic Night. Check out our submissions below!


Yasaka Shrine1. "Yasaka Shrine" by Sarah Bundschuh

Crossing2. "Crossing" by Dawn Wooley

Calm Before the Storm3. "Calm before the Storm" by Sue Polanka

The Castle of the Fairy Tale4. "The Castle of the Fairy Tale" by Elisavet Kostalia

South Walton Beach5. "South Walton Beach" by Paula Ankerman

Sunset6. "Sunset" by Kalpana Sampath

Sunset7. "Sunset" by Sara Derakhshan

View from the TopWINNER for Landscape!!!  8. "View from the Top" by Danielle Puhl

Neuschwanstein CastleWINNER for Most Popular!!!   9. "Neuschwanstein Castle" by Lauren Martin

En mi Viejo San Juan, Cuánt...10. "En mi Viejo San Juan, Cuántos Sueños Forjé" by Francisco J. Marques

Paz11. "Paz" by Rachael McKinney

Island Paradise12. "Island Paradise" by Megan McLeish

Buranos Color Palette13. "Burano's Color Palette" by Alexis Voisard

La catedral de la naturalez...14. "La catedral de la naturaleza / Nature´s Cathedral" by Michelle Cipriano

Foggy15. "Foggy" by Chahan Patel

The Beach is Calling16. "The Beach is Calling" by Soham Parikh

Cultural Depiction

Soba1. "Soba" by Sarah Bundschuh

Break Time2. "Break Time" by Sue Polanka

Vintage America3. "Vintage America" by Elisavet Kostalia

Semper Fi4. "Semper Fi" by Paula Ankerman

Artistic Arch5. "Artistic Arch" by Sara Derakhshan

Bacalaitos and AlcapurriasWINNER for Cultural Depiction!!!  6. "Bacalaítos and Alcapurrias" by Francisco J. Marques

La Cultura Hermosa7. "La Cultura Hermosa" by Rachael McKinney

A London Christmas8. "A London Christmas" by Alexis Voisard

Lechón Callejero9. "Lechón Callejero" by Michelle Cipriano

Enfin, je me sens chez moi10. "Enfin, je me sens chez moi" by Ashley Kendrick

Banyan Tree11. "Banyan Tree" by Megan McLeish

Most Creative

Rainy Day in Tokyo1. "Rainy Day in Tokyo" by Sarah Bundschuh

Past, Present, and Future2. "Past, Present, and Future" by Sue Polanka

Eyes Have the Map3. "Eyes Have the Map" by Elisavet Kostalia

9-11 Memorial - We Shall Ne...4. "9-11 Memorial - We Shall Never Forget" by Paula Ankerman

HopeWINNER for Most Creative!!!   5. "Hope" by Sara Derakhshan

Guacamayo Hortensia6. "Guacamayo Hortensia" by Francisco J. Marques

Window to the World7. "Window to the World" by Rachael McKinney

Beach Playground8. "Beach Playground" by Megan McLeish

Skyscraper Christmas9. "Skyscraper Christmas" by Alexis Voisard

Through the Morro10. "Through the Morro" by Michelle Cipriano

Enjoyment in the Pitcher/Pi...11. "Enjoyment in the Pitcher/Picture" by Fei Yu

A moment of solitude12. "A moment of solitude" by Ashley Kendrick

Full Moon13. "Full Moon" by Soham Parikh