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Coming HomeWelcome back from your amazing experience abroad! Sometimes returning from your experience abroad can be a difficult process. It is critical to understand the changes you may have experienced when re-adjusting to life back home. Many travelers, experience what is called culture shock. Culture shock may be more intense on your return home than your departure.

The Re-Entry Phase

The University Center for International Education is here to help you through the Re-Entry Phase.
  • “No one cares about things have changed for me.” – Sometimes it is easy to feel this way when coming from a trip abroad. There are so many things that you want to share with everyone and it can be frustrating when you think that they do not care about it, or they are unable to relate. A way to share your experience about being abroad is get active! Share your photos on the UCIE social media websites, enter your best photo from abroad in the annual UCIE photo contest, and join us at the International Friendship Affair and many, many more events!
  • Sometimes people are unaware that they may experience reverse culture shock on their way home. People have spent so much time becoming adjusted to the host culture that returning back home and having to readjust to the culture can be challenging. Just remember to be patient with yourself and do things that you enjoy.
  • Give yourself time to process the amazing experience that just happened! Continue to write in a journal, blog, and take some time to think about how your world view has changed. Your views could have changed in very small or large ways, it just depends on the person that you are. Regardless of it is a small change or a big change does not make the impact of this change any less significant.

Academics: External Partner Programs and Exchange Wright State Students

Be sure to notify your study abroad advisor while you are abroad if there are any changes to your proposed course sheet. The foreign institution will mail your grades to the UCIE, which will then be posted online once Wright State has finished processing your international transcript.

Please note: If you are graduating the semester after you return, please inform your study abroad advisor so that the UCIE can expedite this process.


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