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Students with Disabilities

Study Abroad for Individuals with Disabilities
Wright State University Study Abroad office supports an inclusive environment and does not discriminate on the basis of disability status. Students with disabilities are encouraged to participate in Wright State’s Study Abroad programs and with a bit of planning and flexibility, Study Abroad can be a wonderful and empowering experience!
Just as cultures differ from country to country, so do perceptions of disability and accommodations. If you are a student who requires accommodations of any kind you must communicate this to your study abroad advisor as soon as possible, so that we have an opportunity to consider alternative ways to meet those needs. Your study abroad advisor and The Office of Disability Services can assist you in determining the type of accommodations possible for your program and what other considerations you should think about before studying abroad.

Process for Requesting Accommodations
The Office of Disability Services at Wright State (ODS) will coordinate with the study abroad team if a student with a disability needs an accommodation during their program abroad. Due to the wide range of cultural approaches to disability, ensuring that a program site is accessible requires additional planning. If you know you will need specific accommodations while abroad, you should complete the following steps:
Step 1: If you are interested in studying abroad and believe that you might need an accommodation contact Joy Wanderi at
Note: Acceptance decisions are made without consideration of medical information or disability status.
Step 2: If you are not already registered with them, please contact the Office of Disabilities at Wright State to learn more.


For further information - check out our detailed accommodation sections below: 

-Academic Accommodations
-Dietary Restrictions, Limitations or Preferences 
-Mobility Accommodations 
-Accommodations for a Sensory Disability 
-Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals (ESAs)


Additional Resources:

We encourage students to do their own research to understand what to expect while traveling. The following websites are great resources to start this process!
Mobility International USA: Preparing for Your Disability
US State Department: Travelers with Disabilities 
University of Minnesota: Study Abroad Pre-Departure Tips
Northwestern University: Mental Health Abroad
University of South Florida: Mental Health Wellness Abroad (PDF)