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Passports & Visas


PassportStudents must have a passport for participation in any education abroad program. Our office is now a Passport Acceptance Facility and can help you with this process.

Please click here to learn how to schedule your appointment.

Please note that you need to allow at least four to six weeks for routine service, and two to three weeks for expedited service.

Visas and other entry requirements

Each country has different requirements and procedures for entry. 

These will be your first steps to determine the requirements for your program:
  1. Look to see if there is a need for a visa given your specific program’s location(s) and duration
  2. Identify the consulate or embassy location which has jurisdiction over visa issuance for your state
  3. Obtain up-to-date visa instructions from the consulate or embassy
  4. Submit the visa application, passport, and other supporting documents according to the instructions provided to you
It takes time to obtain a visa, so be sure to plan ahead!

For more information about entry requirements, please visit: or
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