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Transferring Credits

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Faculty-led  Programs:

All Wright State faculty-led programs will already have approved courses built-in to the program that students can select from. Students will register for these Wright State courses online prior to departure.

External Partner/Exchange Programs:

During the application process for External Partner or Exchange programs, students will need to select the courses they would like to take abroad and have them approved by their appropriate department advisor. These course approvals will be submitted to a study abroad advisor who will then go ahead and register students for the term they are abroad. When the students return from abroad, the study abroad advisor will receive the official transcripts and then make sure the courses and grades are posted. 

Updating Your Academic Transcript/DARS: 

Are the credits from your program not appearing as you expect them to? Please let your study abroad advisor know immediately so that they can assist you in reevaluating any of the courses you took abroad.

FAQ About Study Abroad Courses:

Q: Do study abroad grades affect my Wright State GPA?
A: Yes, they will affect your GPA exactly how courses would that have been taken on Wright State’s campus.
Q: I studied abroad and the credits are not on my DARS. What do I do?
A: First contact your study abroad advisor to inquire about the delay. It can sometimes take 90 days or more for transcripts to arrive at Wright State from External Partner and Exchange Universities in addition to the time it takes Wright State’s Registrar’s office to process everything.
Q: I plan to study abroad on a program that is not part of Wright State, will my credits transfer?
A: The UCIE cannot guarantee that courses will transfer for programs that are not a part of our approved partner list. Check with a study abroad advisor to make sure that your program is approved. 
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