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Health & Safety

Health Tips

Visit your doctor before leaving to make sure you are in good health and do not need any vaccinations before departure.
Ensure that you have enough prescription medicine for the duration of your trip.  Take a supply in their original containers and confirm that this medication is legal in your host country.  If not, get a letter from your doctor concerning the medical need for the medication.
If you have a medical condition such as diabetes, allergy to certain medications, or other condition that may require emergency medical care it is recommended that you take a medical alert tag, bracelet or card identifying the condition with you and that you carry it at all times.
Be sure to move around on the flight and drink lots of water.  Avoid sitting in your seat for the entire flight and dehydrating yourself with salty foods or caffeine. 

For pre-departure health concerns and questions, contact Wright State Physicians.  


The UCIE is committed to providing a safe, healthy and productive learning experience for every Wright State student pursuing an educational experience abroad. Information on health and safety is provided at every stage of the study abroad process.

Although no set of guidelines can guarantee the health and safety of each individual going on a study abroad program, our pre-departure orientations that are held for Wright State students address issues that merit attention.

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